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The Exploration of a Holistic, Interpersonal, and Expansive Music Education Philosophy

When framing why a teacher is called to the profession, there are many considerations to be addressed: intrinsic motivations, methods of implementation, and the philosophical grounding for these beliefs.  Without an understanding of the pedagogue’s fundamental purpose, instruction will ultimately be lackluster and devoid of substance. Accommodating each and every student that comes into the music classroom is a never-ending quest for teachers, and it is not enhanced by limiting a scope of influence.  A philosophy of music education does not have to track a singular outline of prescriptive thought, but rather, it should be informed by a cohesive package of current theory. My philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that music is a transformative medium through which students take ownership of their own education using the emotional connection of the aesthetic approach to music education as well as the Finnish concept of “Bildung.”  This paper champions a view of philosophy of music education that reflects a multi-faceted, open classroom in an effort to address the socio-emotional and educational needs of all students.

My Philosophy: Bio
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